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Working with companies & startups to create successful digital products

The studio which cares about your end consumer experience

Notsimilar works with companies & startups that care about their digital product & users. We create UI/UX - website, mobile application design & strategy focused on business, customers & their goals. We strive for our clients to be heard, understood & properly represented. Our studio keeps things simple, prototype & test early to kill assumptions & validate ideas that matters the most.

Discovery Call(30 minutes discovery call)

We do understand that starting off is hard. But most of a time a little chat is more than enough to kick-off. That’s why our studio offers a free discovery call from where we can have a talk about your website, mobile application. We will learn about your business and answer your questions regarding UI/UX. After the call, we will be able to send you a preliminary offer & a potential delivery date.

Price: 0€

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UX Review(video review of your digital product)

You don’t know what’s good and wrong with your digital product, we get it. That’s the reason our studio offers a UX review. Our experts will review already existing website or an app and point out UX mistakes visible to the naked eye. We will tell you what’s wrong with your product’s usability and visual side of the things. We will give actionable suggestions so you can make improvements immediately.

Starting from: 200€

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UX Audit

When the sales are stagnating, and the company is not reaching the desired conversion rates, those are the signs to call for help. Our studio offers UX audit where professionals will thoroughly audit your digital product, re-check the metrics, discuss objectives, and identify goals. Our experts will get rid of illogical situations and eliminate problematic areas by testing your converting design with real users.

Starting from:1200€

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Web Strategy & Design

Have an idea for a digital product but don’t know how to turn it into a reality? Creating websites is what we do every day. Our studio offers professional User Experience and Interface design services. We will research, sketch, prototype, and test your digital product before showing it for the first time. We will make sure the website’s aesthetics follows up from seamless interactions, usefulness, and functionality.

Price: Personalized

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App Strategy & Design

Everywhere we go, we take our phones with us. Let’s make your idea to be able to carry in the palm of a hand. Our studio is where experience meets creativity to achieve the best results. We will analyze, sketch, design, and try-out your digital masterpiece before releasing it to the public. We will make your mobile application worth using by by creating solutions that your end-consumers really wants and needs.

Price: Personalized

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Coming soon

We designed a mobile stock trading app for amateur and professional investors who don’t want to get too active. The biggest challenge for us was to make it easy and fast for the end-consumer to use it on a daily basis.


Coming soon

We have worked with Lithuania's largest e-commerce platform Senukai. Our task was to ensure a positive user journey while focusing on add to cart conversion rate. We have optimized the user flow and designed interface that would suit user needs and expectations.


Coming soon

Volvo Lietuva has trusted us to design the Volvo Truck website where you can build your custom truck. Our main goal was the user journey and their experience. We focused on creating a design that would limit the user's bounce rate and increase the completion rate.


Coming soon

Antėja approached us with an exceptional idea that needed a unique solution. We have created a website, app design with an interactive human model in a browser that will help them market their medical research packages differently than others.

We build qualitative long-term partnerships

We are very pleased with Notsimilar studio. It is a great pleasure for us to have partners who are able to find solutions to complex consumer path problems, take a critical look at our requests, express opinion with arguments, and always provide us with UX / UI solutions in a professional manner.

Julija Vinciūnaitė - "Kesko Senukai Digital"

We recommend Notsimilar studio and are happy to have discovered such great partners. Everything was really great with suggestions, observations, attention, and great baggage of knowledge. Thank you, rarely have to work with people who are so knowledgeable and hard at work.

Viktorija Endriukaitė - "Antėja Laboratorija"

Our product required an exclusive and high-level website design, so we chose our suppliers very carefully. When I started working with Notsimilar, I was pleasantly surprised by the very beginning of the project. They strategically approached what's most suitable for us. The result met our expectations 100%.

Aivaras Pyragius - "Sinerta"

Notsimilar work ethic, consistency, and pace - exceeded all expectations. We are not very "easy" customers - we imagine what result we want, but how to tell exactly - it is already more problematic here. Still, somehow the Notsimilar team manages to delve so deeply into the need for UX design to be flawless all the time!

Gabrielė Myščenkaitė - "Novastar”