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We create an empathic design that converts

Making brand noise into a sound that customers actually listen to

The studio which cares about your end consumer experience

Notsimilar works with companies and early-stage startups that care about their digital product & users. We create a website, mobile application design focused on business, customers & their goals. Our studio aims for our clients to be understood and properly represented. In our designs there are no assumptions from which business could money or chance in the market. We are driven by data, empathy & collaboration.


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We have worked with Lithuania's largest e-commerce platform Senukai. Our task was to ensure a positive user journey while focusing on add to cart conversion rate. We have optimized the user flow and designed interface that would suit user needs and expectations.


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Volvo Lietuva has trusted us to design the Volvo Truck website where you can build your custom truck. Our main goal was the user journey and their experience. We focused on creating a design that would limit the user's bounce rate and increase the completion rate.


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Antėja approached us with an idea that no one in the market could fulfill. Create a 3D interactive human model in a browser that will help them market their medical research packages differently than others.


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We designed a mobile stock trading app for amateur and professional investors who don’t want to get too active. The biggest challenge for us was to make it easy and fast for the end-consumer to use it on a daily basis.