Modestas Mitkus
Aug 6, 2020

User Experience Design

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What is User Experience Design and why it’s important?

Have you ever thought about what it takes for the product to reach the heart of a buyer? The product must show useful, usable, desirable,…

Modestas Mitkus
Aug 1, 2020

User Interface Design

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All you need to know about User Interface Design as a business owner

What is easy to see and hard to achieve, you may ask? We surely know the answer to your riddle. User Interface is all about…

Modestas Mitkus
Jul 23, 2020

User Experience Design

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The difference between User Experience and User Interface Design

You will be making a great mistake using UX and UI interchangeably. Although UX and UI might sound similar, their real purpose differs significantly. Don’t…