Modestas Mitkus
Feb 15, 2020

All you need to know about User Interface Design as a business owner

What is easy to see and hard to achieve, you may ask? We surely know the answer to your riddle. User Interface is all about smart graphic design solutions and mesmerizing first impression when a customer visits your e-shop or an app. Is this the first time you heard about UI? Let us explain.



What is a User Interface design?

User Interface (UI) is what customers firstly sees when they open an application or a website. Smart User Interface solutions draw customer’s attention to one’s product and keep them wanting to learn more.


The eyes quickly react to bright colors, bold shapes, ornate typography, and handy layout – less than a second passes, and the first visual impression already made. As today everything is more modern than it was yesterday, you may interact with UI not only through your eyes but also through gestures and voice commands.


We might put an equal sign between graphic designers and UI designers because they focus only on the visual experience leaving issues of the purpose of the product or its functionality to the experts of User experience design.


Why is User Interface design important?

Smart UI related decisions help businesses lure and keep customers attracted to and interested in one’s products or services. Even the littlest details matter when designing an application or a website as they aren’t difficult to see.


Sometimes, even the color, position, or particular font of one tiny little button may determine the loss of a large number of sales! For example, if your website looks overall unattractive, the customer might refuse to buy from you the product they have been looking for ages.


Besides, inviting design and attractive website acts as an extension of branding as good User Interface design represents the high quality of the products or services one might try offering to the broad range of potential clientele.



What is quality User Interface?

It depends on the first impression of the User Interface design, whether one’s business will be successful or not, as it requires only one or two clicks to exit one’s online shop and to find another. As even the littlest things are visible to the public, the inconsistent design draws customer’s attention to the mistakes rather than the actual products or services you sell.


Consistency is significant together with product-oriented communication and accurately chosen type of typography. No one represents quality more than professional images or layouts and strict alignments. When targeting the quality UI, it is necessary to follow the rule that less is more as simplicity goes hand in hand with attractiveness and great visual experience.


If, after this, you still find the User Interface tricky, consider contacting us – we know how to create smart and attractive UI designs tailored to fit your exact needs!

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