Modestas Mitkus
Oct 2, 2020

All You Need to Know About UX Design as a Startup Founder

We all sometimes fall into the dead end, and we more often choose the wrong path to start our journeys. These two evils always try to destroy the hopes and dreams of any startup founder, but they are more likely to fail if you pull one marvelous trick up from your sleeve – it’s User Experience!



What’s so special about UX?

User Experience (UX) connects your business with its clients and ensures startup’s growth as it involves extensively researching market changes, customer preferences, needs, and habits. UX integrates many different tasks of sketching, prototyping, designing, and testing before the final digital product gets released to the public.


It’s important not to mistake quality User Experience with User Interface as the latter only acts as a bait for customers to visit the website or an application and provides visually pleasing overall experience. Although one must complement another, UX makes sure that aesthetics follows up from purposeful and smart layout of content, functional and seamless interactions. As User Experience deals with product metrics, User Interface centers around colors, fonts, and startup’s branding.



Startups and UX: the perfect combination!

UX concentrates on delivering a positive, efficient, and interactively smooth user journey; it guarantees consistent information flow and relies on understanding people’s psychology as it aims to foresee what would customers might do and what should happen after one click or another. Quality User Experience focus to turn your minimum viable product (MVP) into intuitive and easy to use digital masterpiece.


Even though User Experience has a ton of advantages for a startup founder to offer, one of the most important ones is targeting the right audience in the right way. Besides, it increases sales and other measured metrics, such as engagement and conversion rates. As an appropriate and impressive digital representation of one’s product can influence the processes of receiving investments, User Experience is worth the value.



Don’t trust your guts – trust professionals!

As most of the startups don’t have many financial resources, startup founders often choose quick and cheap services from unprofessional UX designers. They think they would save both time and money, but the most substantial portion of such beta versions ends up needing some frustrating re-designing work, so hiring a freelancer is off the table.


Professional UX/UI agencies guarantee quality end product and smooth designing process from start to finish; besides completing usual steps such as wireframing, prototyping, and testing, they also provide the client with unique value proposition formulation. As no one likes hiring several different specialists to finish one project, hiring an agency ensures real experts are working on turning your business idea into reality.


User Experience designers are the architects of the future of your startup: they research, create, re-check every little detail to make sure your digital product stands out in the market. Due to the importance of UX designer work, make the right decision, and invest in success – contact us! The first consultation is on the house!

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