Modestas Mitkus
Mar 1, 2020

Business Value of User Experience Design

Are you wondering, for what reason your business is less successful than others? Why it generates less and less revenue as the years go? You might be paying too little attention to good User Experience! Hold on tight as we will talk you through the advantages of quality UX design for businesses.


Many businesses ignore user experience problems

A lot of companies all around the world are facing the same problems, so their UX related mistakes can be divided into several behavioral types. Some businesses are unaware of their problems and decides to go with the fluctuating market; others might show skepticism as they ignore the fact that good User Experience can solve all their problems. However, many businesses are appreciating the value of UX design, but they usually struggle to work them out and end up with even more issues instead.


Despite different behavioral types, many easy-to-fix User Experience related mistakes cost a fortune for companies to solve them if they are noticed too late or ignored throughout the whole designing process. Bad UX can have a crucial impact on the company’s success, sales, and overall customer satisfaction with its products.


Most common UX mistakes involve extensive animation, automatic videos or bothering sounds, eye-squinting colorfulness, and hard-to-find features. Let’s take one digital music service as an example. Spotify has a podcast feature, but many users are unaware of it. The podcast feature is far from being hidden, but slight UX faults are stopping it from being used to its full potential.


So what’s the benefit of a good user experience?

Good UX increases sales, consumer engagement, and brand loyalty as a website communicates the high quality of a product. It also helps the company to retain its users and save money on advertising because happy customers usually share their positive experience and attract new buyers. Quality User Experience allows businesses to avoid additional design and programming costs as it ensures the synergy between the company and its customer right from the beginning of the project.


Quality User Experience design means researching customers’ needs and knowing their preferences way before the actual design process begins. It allows improving user adaptation to the product or online services and using targeted communication. Professional UX eliminates every assumption emerging along the way together with expensive reworks in the future as it already knows what is essential to the users.


The actual business value of User Experience design is easy to evaluate as positive growth is seen in improved metrics such as conversion rate, spend time, task success rate, etc. For example, as America’s everyday shopping giant Wal-Mart redesigned its e-commerce site according to the rules of good UX, they witnessed the increase in the number of visitors by 214% in no time!


Don’t hesitate and make a smart decision to contact us – UX designers. We will help your business reach the success you never even imagined!

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