Modestas Mitkus
Mar 30, 2021

Conversion Rates Down? UX Will Take It to The Stars!

Every business owner wants the brand to be associated with the highest quality, most attractive, and perfect e-product. Sometimes, all great wishes lead a business downhill – conversions hit all the time low, users lose interest, profit starts to decrease, and the situation begins to look hopeless. However, that doesn’t mean you will again have to start from scratch – all you need to know is your mistakes and how User Experience design deals with them.



Why Conversions Fail, or How Much is Too Much?

When you strive for success, every little detail becomes necessary, but what’s too much is unhealthy. Elements also have to have limits, and when there are too many of them, the consumers get confused and no longer understand what you expect from them. Therefore, when users get lost in your product, they just carelessly hit the exit button and takes your money together with them.
Here we need to follow the logic that less is more. Minimalistic design and navigation approach does not distract the users and helps them find the desired products, perform conversion tasks faster, and have better opinions about the product itself. Does it sound too complicated and unrealistic to be the truth? There is a simple, yet smart strategy called the sales funnel, which shows that the investment in UX helps conversion rates reach the stars!



The Opening of Sales Funnel – Attract and Engage

The online commerce competition is very fierce, so you need to stand out from other business to succeed. The more customers your product’s interface can attract, the more users there is left for you to engage and later convert. Invest in high-quality visuals, such as videos as they are easier to remember than plain text; use resources that present your product most accurately and update them regularly.


When random people visit your product, they do not want to waste their time getting to know whether your product is worth their attention or not. Ensure fast loading times and seamless transitions between different product sections or tasks; it builds trust and appeals most to users’ needs and desires; always ask for feedback and improve your product accordingly.



The Closing of Sales Funnel – Convert and Nurture

Your customers are about to make their best decision – buy your products. How exciting, but before it happens, they can still leave your e-commerce business, so it’s your job to bring them back and finish what they started. Remind them about their abandoned shopping cart, offer them a discount, free shipping or freebie as these little details boost users’ ego, makes them feel important, and they just cannot miss an opportunity this good.


A successful business journey does not finish after one successful order – the whole product must be user-oriented and provide your buyers with a real value. When they are about to check out, offer similar products, keep them informed by sending e-mails after the purchase, and ask their opinion on the product later on. These things show attentiveness to individual clients and are similar to the in-store shopping experience, both of which encourage customers to repeat their actions over again.


Sales funnel approach allows you to concentrate and logically improve correct aspects of your dream product, but that is not all. Products that are perfect and successful is certainly not created in one day – you need to change and test conversion-enhancing solutions continually.

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