Modestas Mitkus
Jun 2, 2020

Creating UX Personas: Where to Start?

How well you think you know yourself? How about knowing your potential customers? Understanding their needs and goals can become crucial ensuring company success and development. Creating UX Personas is a way of acquiring and using knowledge to improve the product itself and overall sales rate. What exactly are UX Personas, and how something fictional can bring real benefits?


What is UX Persona?

Creating UX Personas is a smart and cost-effective way of collecting, analysing, and presenting customer data to make that information work for your goals. This approach focuses on perceiving customers’ habits, their overall opinions about the product, and creating specific personas to portray the majority of members of the company’s target groups.


It is quite normal to get lost in dictionaries and mistake UX Personas with Marketing (Buyer) Personas. However, as both work for the brighter future of your business, the latter gathers information on customer’s shopping preferences and not their needs or intentions.


The process of creating UX Persona involves both quantitative and qualitative research methods to reach and maintain that perfect balance in knowing the customers but together understanding them individually as best as could. More than two-thirds of UX/UI designers choose to use this particular approach to ensure high-quality results and maximum customer satisfaction.
What’s the Point of Using UX Personas?


UX Personas reassure that UX/UI designers do not fall off the right tracks while creating digital products, as this approach helps them determine specific features that are the most important for customers. Usually, large groups of people work together to accomplish various digital projects; therefore, UX Personas helps them understand the task better and have a clearer vision to achieve.


UX Personas systematise customers’ peculiarities, behaviour, and thoughts on the product’s essentiality, so businesses themselves benefit directly from their creation. It ensures a more accurate prediction of users’ needs as it allows designers and product creators to put themselves in customers’ shoes. This way of gathering and displaying information in a way that everyone can understand often attracts the attention of investors as well. Ka-Ching!


What it Takes for UX Persona to Come to Life?

The UX Persona creation process begins with looking at the personal data of target audience members and often inviting them to group interviews to find out their views. UX/UI designers later seek to find patterns connecting all customers and particularly identifying that one average person which characteristics apply to them all.


As data gathered may give all of the answers needed to create UX Personas, the final creation must be engaging. Since UX Personas are based on real people, they should also have a name and a face as it provides designers and business owners with the aspect of individuality. For a successful UX Persona’s introduction to the team, its profile must have at least some background history and other significant details to make it more believable.


UX Personas are proof that knowing your customers pays off – it improves the product, pleases audiences, attracts investors, and keeps your business at the top of the market! Have we caught your attention? Contacts UX/UI professionals now – the first consultation is on the house.

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