Modestas Mitkus
Mar 18, 2020

How to create High converting landing pages

You only need about 5 seconds to form a first impression about the person that you’ve just met; it takes less than that for a quality digital product to attract the customer. What’s the secret formula of having visually pleasant, capturing, and converting experience? Let’s dive right in as we talk about landing pages!



What is the landing page?

The landing page is a single web page to which you will land after clicking on a link, social media campaigns or advertisements. It is a pure marketing creation to lower the amount of money spent to achieve a lead or sale and increase conversion rates of one’s website or application.


Do not mistake a landing page with a website homepage as the latter encourages the visitor to learn more about the product. A quality landing page allows the company to voluntarily receive customer’s contacts in exchange for an offer – free product sample, discount, etc. Besides that, there are no additional distractions, so clients see the proposal as the main focus point – they can’t resist!


How should the perfect landing page look?

People visiting one’s landing page are very quick to decide whether they are interested or not, so the landing page must grab attention. It should have high-quality visual focus – shot or video, showing what a person would miss if decided to exit. Also, one must consider removing site navigation as it limits customer distraction. It is a good idea to try integrating (visual) storyline because it helps visitors to remember what the product is about for a long time and encourages them to come back.


The landing page must enhance experiences of clarity and concision. The company’s value proposition must be short, bold, and compelling; only this way, visitors would stay, continue reading, and convert. All of the features and benefits must be presented without any abstractions – it is worth stating why the product is useful and what problems it solves. Besides, the landing page should have single and focused call-to-action; one might consider using brief forms and bullet points as they take less space than text and provide visitors with clear instructions to what’s next.


One’s landing page and the whole experience must ensure positivity and increase trust. Genuine social proofs, reviews, and quotes boost users’ confidence as they are making the right decision to accept your offer. Also, money-back guarantee highlights the fact that customer is dealing with an honest company, which is ready to please its clients. It is important to keep the possibility to share the landing page with others – if a friend joins, the visitor gains more benefits, and the business gets two leads for the price of one!


A quality landing page is a powerful tool to generate leads and convert visitors. However, it takes skills and patience to test and optimize every part of a landing page to make it work perfectly. Still not sure how to do it? Contact us – the consultation is free of charge!

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