Modestas Mitkus
Feb 20, 2020

The difference between User Experience and User Interface Design

You will be making a great mistake using UX and UI interchangeably. Although UX and UI might sound similar, their real purpose differs significantly. Don’t worry as we will introduce you to the main essence of User Experience design and User Interface design.


Just imagine that you are making a cake for a nice customer, which asks the cake to be both tasty from the inside and pleasant to look from the outside. In this situation, User Experience stands for sheets of cake smeared generously with surprising filling. However, the first thing you customer and their guests will see would be User Interface – the stunning outside of a cake covered with colorful glaze and sparkling toppings.


User Interface Design

User Interface design provides bait for customers as it focuses only on the side of visual experience and customer attraction. The main task of UI designers is to make customers find a website or an app attractive and aesthetically pleasant to use.


The whole of User Interface depends on four things: colors, visual design (and a creative graphic designer behind it), typography, and layouts. Each of them might have different purposes but used together they create shockingly good-looking results to impress the potential or existing customers.

As User Interface designers must consider the exact color pallets, fonts, and button shapes, one also reflects the branding of the company and its accurate representation. UI designers are also responsible for choosing the best-looking layout to present information. Here User Experience design field meets User Interface design as the latter must complement the previous.



User Experience Design

It is a User Experience designer who draws wireframes, creates prototypes, and interaction design to have a smooth working product at the end. One must also think about all the possible scenarios about where one customer might click on the screen and what would happen after the click. User Experience design creates a connection between the company and a customer. UX focuses on high-quality user experience and is designed to allow a customer to search for products or information efficiently. However, quality UX would be impossible without some market research as it is necessary to know with whom you are dealing with and who your potential customer base might be.



UI/UX best work together

The work of UI designers requires more graphic skills, while the success of UX design depends on accurate knowledge of people’s psychology. The cake example fits nicely in the frame of UI versus UX as the imaginary customer wishes for an amusing and attractive looking website or an app which would provide an excellent experience for its users. In other words, UX provides the answer to the question of how the final product should work? as UI concentrates on answering – how it should look?

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