Modestas Mitkus
Jun 25, 2020

What Does a UX Designer Do and Why You May Need One

Good User Experience design connects the company and its users creating a continuous link based on quality products and engaging experiences. However, as some people seriously consider UX the secret spell to opening all of the doors to a successful business, others might have never heard of it. So, let’s get down to the basics of User Experience design and its actual value!



UX Designers does research

User Experience design is far more than just a design, – it is a strategy to make one’s website to fit the needs of the business and its customers. Every project UX designer works on begins with researching the product. A careful and thorough understanding ensures flawlessly positioning the product on the market. Researching and consulting also helps avoid assumptions in the further stages of the project as UX designers become familiar with customer preferences and their shopping behavior.



UX Designers helps identify your customer

Next comes one of the most important steps in the whole project – audience identification. User Experience designers have to find the proper way to target potential buyers, so they conduct an in-depth analysis of how users usually interact, perform tasks, and achieve their goals. Most of the time, a fictional ideal end-user is created to help designers identify user patterns quicker. It allows UX designers to plan how the overall website or an app should look like and work.


UX Designers sketches & do wireframes

At this point, User Experience designers start sketching the final product. Designers create wireframes; they prepare simple blueprint-like designs with a pen and a paper, which later gets turned into complicated arrangements resembling future design. Very first wireframes focus on the website’s space allocation, the placement of a particular type of content, and overall functionality, so they are mostly black-and-white.



UX Designers makes prototypes

The next step of UX design is prototyping. During this stage, designers develop an early sample of a final product based on previously made wireframes. As prototypes are used for testing the product before the final implementation, they must be both easy to navigate and eye-catching, UX designers work hand in hand with professionals of User Interface design to prepare them.



UX Designers test and validate final product

Then comes the stage of the user and usability testing. It allows UX designers to review the product in the eyes of customers to ensure that no flaws are being left. Most of the time, designers are inviting people to live-test the product to see whether the interaction process is smooth. After that, UX designers do the last touch-ups and turn in the final product to the customer.


You may consider consulting User Experience designers because they will go over the moon to understand and identify the needs of you and your customers. Quality UX design ensures positive user experience and growing sales. It solves business’ e-commerce problems way before their actual appearance. Still not sure about hiring UX professionals to improve your website? Consult us – it’s free!

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