Modestas Mitkus
Jan 5, 2020

What is User Experience Design and why it’s important?

Have you ever thought about what it takes for the product to reach the heart of a buyer? The product must show useful, usable, desirable, and much more, but it might not be selling if it is impossible to find. User Experience creates a way to incorporate all the best features of one’s product offering the most unforgettable experience for the buyer. Sounds tricky? We are here to help!



What is User Experience design?

User Experience (UX) builds a connection between the company and its customers using an application or a website. It concentrates on a person’s feelings and true experiences when he or she uses the final product as it ensures overall positivity and loyalty.


User Experience design might resemble multitasking as it integrates many little things and tasks to one major project. UX designer, firstly, must understand the product through and through, and later research the market and buyers’ habits. They also need to sketch, design, and test their ideas before the final implementation.


Such work is far from being linear and might be compared to an endless running in a hamster wheel. As time passes and world online trends change, designers may be asked to change the once ideal project to a newer version as it no longer provides the best User Experience in the market.



Why is User Experience design important?

As all brands and companies wish to have a loyal customer base for their products, User Experience designers fulfill their desires. The UX professionals carefully research whether the product addresses the actual needs of users and make sure the company’s website or an application sends the same message.


Even the slightest mistake might change the minds of the customer, and he or she would switch to the other brand. It depends on a smooth and pleasant experience, whether one’s business would have a great conversion rate.


An accurate User Experience design allows defining customer journeys, creating value, and keeping the brand popular for years to come. As nowadays, popularity equals profit, all websites and apps must be user-centered!



What is quality User Experience?

Quality UX means a happy customer, which successfully bought a product or ordered any service the company is offering. The overall design of one’s website must be neat, familiar, and not overcrowded as a potential buyer needs to find the information he or she is looking for in a matter of seconds.


Good User Experience design may go hand in hand with pleasing aesthetics, but it is mostly based on a good grasp of customer psychology and precise research beforehand. Even after the project is done, the work of User Experience design continues – good UX is targeting to collect as much data as it is available to improve the user experience only for the better.


If you still are not sure about the pros of good User Experience, contact us – we guarantee you’ll leave our studio with an intuitive and easy-to-use website and best-selling product!

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