Modestas Mitkus
Sep 11, 2020

When to Call a UX Designer to Help Your Startup?

Congrats – you just got yourself a startup! Even though everything may seem perfect regarding your new business, mistakes and illogical decisions tend to appear over time, revealing that much of work is still necessary. As startups might fail for many different reasons, one tool can solve them all – User Experience is best when operated by the hands of professionals.



Why do Startups Fail?

Most startups can’t boast having financial freedom, so the budget question stands across their road to success. As to prepare the quality product, a lot of different experts need to contribute; thus, an already small budget gets distributed even more. It leads to hiring amateurs – the second problem – which may not deliver the best results; even if it saves money, it usually requires additional and expensive reworks. The most consequential reason why startups fail is the lack of market demand, which results in low sales and negative ROI. There are plenty more problems, but the last one is the most relevant – because of that, 42% of startups go bankrupt every year!



Why People Ignore Problems?

Many think of the problems as a transitional period, but when left unaddressed problems only deepen and never disappear. Three different approaches lead to ignoring issues and ruining startups’ future; scarcity makes startups’ founders believe fixing problems are too expensive, skeptics think reworks are useless, and indifference cause people to don’t care about what they don’t understand. The good thing is that all problems are fixable when approached by real experts.



How can UX Designers help?

User Experience designers are motivated to help young entrepreneurs and new companies to establish themselves in the market and are capable of solving startups’ issues by successfully completing various tasks. Firstly, they perform user needs research to make sure the digital product meets them as accurately as possible to deliver a positive overall experience. UX designers plan and analyze different design elements at every stage of the product’s development to provide startups with the best solutions which would take the business to the next level. UX/UI industry professionals ensure companies that their customers’ expectations are exceeded; if not – they carry out real user researches to discover all of the remaining issues.



Does UX pay off?

Quality User Experience has many benefits up its sleeve, and no one should underestimate its power. It’s the best when increased metrics – sales, leads, ROI, etc. – speak for themselves; besides, market analysis is the most essential part of the UX process, so startups owners would really know with whom they are dealing with up in the market. As UX designers test every bit of your digital product, it naturally becomes an attention magnet, attracting people not only to buy but also to invest and contribute to the success of others.


Before calling UX professionals, it does not matter whether you are aware of the exact problems your startup is having or not as the most meaningful aspects are an openminded approach and willingness to cooperate. It’s easy solving issues when real experts talk you through the advantages and the whole process of User Experience. Contact us now and use the opportunity to get a free UX audit for your startup!

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