“Lemodus” one of the largest and most experienced clothing retail companies in Lithuania approached us with a need for better UI/UX for their customers. We completely redesigned their website focused on design that would help them solve business and user problems.


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We have worked with Lithuania's largest e-commerce platform Senukai. Our task was to ensure a positive user journey while focusing on add to cart conversion rate. We have optimized the user flow and designed interface that would suit user needs and expectations.


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Volvo Lietuva has trusted us to design the Volvo Truck website where you can build your custom truck. Our main goal was the user journey and their experience. We focused on creating a design that would limit the user's bounce rate and increase the completion rate.


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Antėja approached us with an exceptional idea that needed a unique solution. We have created a website, app design with an interactive human model in a browser that will help them market their medical research packages differently than others.


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We designed a mobile stock trading app for amateur and professional investors who don’t want to get too active. The biggest challenge for us was to make it easy and fast for the end-consumer to use it on a daily basis.


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“QooriFood” had an idea for making faster and easier food ordering. We helped them research, create, and test their ideas. In order to create a mobile application that would fit the market and its customer expectations.


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“UPA” SPA center wanted to reinvent their booking process. So we simplified the process and focused on the customer journey that would help book faster, easier and more personal. We also validated many additional opportunities on the way that will positively help business.


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We helped “Fitnest” startup to create a healthy digital place. The app focused on your fitness journey, independent of whether you want to lose weight, gain muscles, or simply get fit. Every training is created and rated by the community.

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