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AB LĖVUO is a company that has been successfully operating in the clothing retail market for more than 20 years and operates as many as 34 clothing stores in major Lithuanian cities. The company operates an online store, the range of which includes the latest collections of clothing and accessories available in Lithuania, ESPRIT, Celio *, TALLY WEiJL, Etam, Maison 123, GERRY WEBER, BETTY BARCLAY, GEDIMINO 22 clothing stores.




The online store has a huge range of well-known manufacturers, which can not be found in other networks, as well as the ability to view the goods live and pick them up in a physical store. However, the client noticed that many clients fail to find the right clothes, find the desired information about the composition and size of the garment. Also, it is difficult for consumers to perform one of the most important actions in the store – shopping. A review and analysis of the current site can highlight the main errors:




The main visitors to are the elderly, mostly women who live in smaller towns. However, younger visitors are also interested in the company’s range. From the analysis of visitors, three main types of users can be distinguished:



By analyzing the site and identifying the main audience and customers, it is possible to clearly understand which places are the most problematic and which need to be managed. The main goal of the online store is to provide consumers with the opportunity to shop easily and conveniently anywhere and at any time, which currently cannot offer. The main solutions are highlighted:





User flow diagram

After performing all the research and finding the main problems, it is possible to understand how to improve the user experience by browsing the website A user path diagram is performed.




In the light of the findings of the study, page layouts are first made to clearly identify how the elements are arranged and where and what information is displayed. The main goal is to show how the whole structure of the page changes from the current page.






After confirming the new page schemes and layout with the client, the UI design works are performed. Taking into account the current standards and brands sold by, the design and concept of the pages are being boldly changed in order to give consumers a good impression and a desire to stay.


Home page

The main purpose of the initial window is to give the consumer a good experience and increase the desire to buy. All elements are clearly visible and easily accessible to the customer. Upon entering the site, the user immediately sees the collection news, seasonal news, offers and other necessary information.



Category page

The main problems with the category page are sub-categories and non-intuitive filters that are difficult to see. On a tidy page, you can clearly and easily navigate between other internal categories as well, without much effort to filter products by needs.



Product page

The product page has a number of problems: from the contrast and invisibility and small size of the buttons to the hard-to-see required information. In the arranged version, all buttons have their own purpose and are easily visible. All the necessary information can be easily found.



Checkout page

The shopping window was one of the most troubling places on the page. The shopping process is very long. There are many steps required to make a purchase, which can cause a lot of inconvenience to site visitors. We structure the information and leave only the essentials needed for quick and convenient shopping.



Mobile design

The mobile version had the same problems as the desktop. The same changes and corrections have been made with respect to the use of the site on a mobile device.





The research helped to understand the main problems faced by the company itself and visitors to the website We have corrected all the identified errors and offered solutions that meet modern standards. The most important thing was to leave a positive impression on the users when visiting the website and to guarantee convenient browsing and, most importantly, shopping.

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